House pictures!


show me your best building! The bigger the better! I know this isn’t the only building topic on the forums, I’m making this one becouse the other one has not had a post sense 2015.

Here’s my newest one.


I love the boxy mid-century California style of house. That’s what I go for too. Those domes are pretty awesome too!


Nice house!


is it limited to homes or do dome skyscrapers count?



Not a house, but it could be!


Any building counts, I should change the title to buildings not houses.


I love the style, dude. Nice job


this was my house


A literal tree house.

Wait Imma build one of those


This is my house now


That’s an interesting design!
I would enjoy seeing it progress.


This isn’t a house, but a palace I’m working on, i might make a post about it once it’s finished. But here’s it so far:


I like houses

They are fun to make


Thanks it was my first world and i had so much fun building it and i have so many tamed dodos in it