Hi guys i wanted to just see some of your houses to see if their like mine


Overall time…
4 days

my mansion sky scraper

naomee if you are gonna plant stuff why not just make a garden?:confused:

Because greenhouses and rooftop gardens r awesome, and i already have a huge garden. But i had to get rid of my green house now to make room for a better aquarium. :frowning:

My House :slight_smile: My name on Gamecenter is DASMUSTER to play with me :wink:

My house (Very simple house)

Woo my house… Work in progress :33

My house so far, started with marble and lapis then working my way through the different kinds of metal blocks.

This is one of my houses :slight_smile: It’s a Hot Air Balloon!

And here is another one! :slight_smile: It’s a Lighthouse!

that is really cool and creative!

Awesome hot air balloon I made a similar house to that and the light house is great.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I had to build something different! :smiley:

This is a picture of my unfinished house. I’m currently building it again after a couple of months of on and off quitting cause I got bored, had stuff to do, etc. but I am building it again and hopefully I can finish it soon. But here are the building dynamics of it.

  1. As you see, it’s currently made of red marble and red marble only. Each square is six by six red marble blocks (therefore having five by five free space on the inside). Each square had two doors, one on the left and one on the right to each adjoining room for easier access. The middle of the roof and floor of each room has a trapdoor, again for easier use. There are going to be 242 squares (121 on each side). Each has a chest on the bottom middle of the floor (except for the bottom two rows of eleven blocks as that is used for each of the building station thingies like crafting,smelting, etc. so if needed for long building processes I can use all four blockheads to get the process done faster). Each square also has amethyst chandelier in the middle of the roof to provide light as it gets darker during the night. Each square also has a red marble block in the middle of it so I can place a sign there to know what’s in each chest to make getting things easier to get (like wood, ingots, gems, etc.). I have a giant pool of wanted under the whole thing for growing seaweed. Oh and in the middle of the 121 blocks there are ladders that go up to make easier access climbing up.
    So, that’s pretty m

So, that’s pretty much it as I am currently hunting for red marble while my others await my main blockhead’s return. Wish me luck because I still need a ton of red marble and am not finding much down at the center of the earth. Just a bunch of gold that I don’t need that much lol. Sorry for the extra post I accident,y hit post as I was on my iPad.

I have a Modern House, A Huge Bacon Piece (YUM!), And then a Cozy Cottage :slight_smile: Feel free to use these creations in your game!

I have a Modern House, A Huge Bacon Piece (YUM!), And then a Cozy Cottage :slight_smile: Feel free to use these creations in your game!

this is my house, I don’t really go on single player a lot anymore, and I’m working on a floating farm :slight_smile:

A little part of my world

Looks great! That giant water tub must cause a lot of lag though…