How big is a block?


how big is a block in blockheads?

hmmmm maybe 1 m2/3


It is 3 meeters square. Because one block covers 3 layers.


A block is equalivent to about a block.


mEtRiC pLs


Sadly, this is like time so it’s no different.


But what guy is a whole three METERS wide?!? :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But when you place a block in this 2D game, you place three. Sometimes more with a backwall.


How do you place three? Ah never mind I see. The block layer, bench layer, and backwall layer.


I think a block is a cubic yard (0.9144 cubic meters).


Maybe an inch? Half an inch? A quarter?


According to this (post by TheDerpMaster), one block is one meter in height. I personally think that makes sense.


Each block is solely comprised of pixels.


Ask @Skeeve


I’d say 1 meter is just about right. But of course, Blockheads is a universe with strange physics. You can pick up 2772 cubic meters of anything distributed in 7 baskets. :joy:


Male and female blockheads are both 2 blocks high. Average height of a man, 185.6cm, woman, 171.0cm

185.6 + 171.0 = 356.6cm / 2 (for the average) = 178.3cm / 2 (because they are two blocks high) = 89.5

Dats quick maff

So a block is roughly 89.5cm by 89.5cm by 267.5cm

Edit: @Alexandra_Inglorien correct me if I’m wrong but he did not calculate the size of a block but rather assumed it was 1m


He did, but not in the OP of his thread. However, the “average height” was 168cm in his case, not 178cm.