How can I feed fish automatically?


Can someone tell me how to automatically feed fish, if I can? I’m getting rather sick of having to hand feed them myself.


Does a feeder chest work?


I’d like to think so.


If you haven’t already, try getting a feeder chest and filling it with kelp as others have said. Keep in mind you can’t place it in water though, you’ll have to flood the room it’s in afterwards.


Just plant kelp in compost and let the fish feed naturally.


Does that work? I think when I did that, all of mine died.


Yeah it works, just plant the kelp on compost


Of course, you need a lot

at least 4 growing kelp for 6 or 7 fish


I just watched a wild Dodo eat a fallen apple so I’d assume they eat fallen food off of the ground


I think you can only use feeder chests for tamed animals so you dont have to feed them. I dont think planting kelp would work because you need to feed it your self so it learns to like you. I think feeding it by hand is the only way.


If they’re not taming them it doesn’t matter.