How can I get a free server?

Greetings, someone told me that I could find help to get a server in the forums, can someone tell me how?

Uh, just open an online world? And it’s not free though.

Or a generous person can open one for you and make you an admin.

If you want a server why not try out Oreos free Mac servers?

It may not be able to be joined from search so you may need to provide a link.

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Or @Wingysam.

Or a Mac server?

Lol, I don’t have a Mac, that’s why I suggested online.

Just use a thread called “Free Mac Servers” or “(More) Free mac servers”.

Look at the top post in those threads.


Is there a linux or windows version available for hosting a server?

Yes and No message @Wingysam for more info I don’t know to much about it for Linux windows not possible

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okay. Thanks for the answer!

No, it doesn’t work on Linux.

It’s possible if you can create a Mac type thing it’s hard to explain

A Mac virtual machine?

Yea I think I don’t rember what Wingy called it

I use a macOS virtual machine running on a Linux host using QEMU.

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