How can I post multiple pictures?

I started a pictures topic for dodo eggs, but as a new user I can only upload one photo :frowning:
At what point can I add more to my topic? Should I add it as a reply or create a new topic?


Making a reply to the OP with more pictures is a good idea. If you were to make a new topic with more pictures, milla would probably merge them into the original one anyway. :slight_smile: you should be able to post more when you get a higher trust level. I’m not sure of the requirements off the top of my head, but maybe someone else knows where to find them.

I can help with that. :slight_smile:

They will need to reach trust level 1 before they can upload multiple images. It shouldn’t be too hard to reach trust level 1 though. Just browse around the forum for a bit until you are automatically promoted to trust level 1.

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thank you!!

Moved to the meta forum, which is for posts about this bulletin board. Questions is about the game :slight_smile: