How Can I Spawn A Unicorn?


I have been trying to spawn a unicorn for a while now and I still can’t find a way to spawn a unicorn!! If anyone knows how to spawn one I would be really happy to know how! Thank you🤗


To get a unicorn you must breed donkeys first eventually after going through a bunch of colours you will get a unicorn.



Isn’t there a breeding chart for Unicorns or was it only for dodos?


I’ve only seen the dodo one, but never a donkey/unicorn chart. Probably because it branches with dodos but remains (relatively) straightforward for unicorns.


Yea it’s just colors


Id guess only dodos but unicorns is colours so its not too difficult to figure out.


Donkeys colors original/grey :arrow_right:brown, :arrow_right:black, :arrow_right:blue, :arrow_right:green,:arrow_right: yellow, :arrow_right:orange, :arrow_right:red,:arrow_right: purple, :arrow_right:pink, :arrow_right:white, :arrow_right:rainbow —: the rainbow donkey will breed a grey Uni,:arrow_right: then grey breeds brown,:arrow_right:Brown breeds black, black breeds… and so on for, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, white, then rainbow.


Rainbows breed mostly rainbows for me. Only occasionally a white one… :woman_shrugging:


Rainbow is the end of the line unless it’s a donkey then they can make a unicorn