How come some of the badges have no logo

I just recently earned the respected badge and it has no little logo on it. Unlike other badges with a heart or an eye or a clock it’s just blank. I have no problem with it I’m just curious.

The file is apparently missing.

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Huh cool. Nice white square logo. What logo was meant to be for some of these badges. Kinda curious.

Try Googling “Discord badges”.

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Huh so that’s where you got them. Thanks for telling me.

I believe it’s because this forum is running on an older instance of Discourse. For mostly obvious reasons, it isn’t updated frequently anymore.

hm well the culprit badges are default to discourse as it seems… i’m not sure how the badge pictures would be missing exactly but an update could’ve screwed it up

there are actually thousands of icons that can be used to customize new badges, but whether milla or Dave want to have to do the SQL to create new ones is beyond me… plus, there’s a specific setting that has to be enabled to activate the ability to use the SQL

Are you referring to Font Awesome? That is what Discourse uses. :slight_smile:

yes, in fact the inner ids of the basic badges (the ones that look like a ribbon) is fa_achievement i believe