How did you choose your username


##This topic is kinda wierd
It is the evolution of my username it was from “shrek” to “i_love_thefoil”:
here is how it started:

  • shrek
  • shrekopol
  • shrekopoleon
  • napoleon
  • napoleonoob
  • leonoob
  • trash noob
  • tinfoil noob
  • foil foil noob
  • foil noob
  • the foil
  • thefoil
  • i_love_thefoil
    ##profile picture evolution:

I want a funny profile picture:

I was reading a boring article i found in face book and i saw this, so I screenshot and made him my picture:

He is too boring, i want something colorful:

I want another funny picture:

His mouth is too ugly i can fix him in photoshop:

Nevermind, lets add trump and my logo:

You know what… no one thinks i am funny lets just have this:

Mama food supply thank you

Let me edit this abit

Time for another picture “random”

Thank you shammm

Mama food supply + shamm

##if you want to share your username/profile picture ecolution reply!
Or maby you were the same name since the start

Uhm is this normal for SP to have?
The Evolution of IGNs / profile pics (2013 - 2018)
The Evolution of IGNs / profile pics (2013 - 2018)
Post what profile pic you get here

@BobbyJohnson How many years did you play blockheads?

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My old username used to be cods Blockheads. Then, it was magic porkchop, porkchop, and finally PorkyTheChop.

I believe my picture has always been of dogs.


Well, if you are only talking about the Blockheads, it was TheBestOneEver (and still is on my iPod) but it was changed to TheBest1Ever as it is easier to read.

However, it has changed a ton over time from game to game.
First I used my name. Heh. Only for like a day.
I changed it to TheRandomOne. That was my username on Minebuilder which I had for a long while. I eventually changed it to SirRandomness as I thought it would be better. I still use that one on World of Tanks, as I can’t change it because it costs a lot of money just to have a name change.
I came to the blockheads and decided I wanted a new username, so I went with TheBestOneEver, which was my username for 2 years. Then TheBest1Ever, which is what I use on everything else or any new stuff I use.

My profile pictures have been different over time, they usually had something to do with my username or what I’m known for, like TheRandomOne was red and yellow and had the word “RANDOM” on it. TheBestOneEver had a word that said “BEST” on it at one point. Now it’s the head of my Lego Blockhead, as that’s what most people know me for. I don’t use this picture in game, however, as it’s usually what people use to impersonate me.


Mine started out as People. And it stayed like that for 2 years! But then, I made a single player world and its default name was Fort Donkey I loved it I kept the world name as it and changed my username


First it was Unikitty66 ( CRINGE ). Back then I was a little newbie and knew just about nothing about the game. My picture was of Unikitty, of course. Next it was Artemis.44, and my picture was of a wave (like in the ocean). After a while, I changed it to a photo I found of the goddess Artemis. This is when I started changing the names of my in game blockheads to the names of Greek god and goddesses, which I still do today. It stayed that way for a long time, then I got a new device and made my new name Caelestis, which was actually an armor shader of off the game Destiny, and also happens to be Latin for heavenly! :lol: (at least, according to Google translate) My picture at the time was of one of my favorite bands. I changed it very recently- I was joining a random server and decided to change it to a pic of an awesome lion wearing shades. I was too lazy to change it back, so that’s my pic now. (This was much lengthier than I meant it to be :eek: )


W-wow… So much nostalgia… I started out as Jackfrosty, which I stayed with for two years, until I became picky and 1.6 came out. I quickly went on a spree of being a generally obnoxious player, and called myself Anonymous1024, stuff like that. Then, I joined a PVP factions server called PvP Plebs (long dead now, @elec might remember), changed my name to #LOLZ700 (cringy i know), and wanted to intimidate others, called myself #LOLZ700 HACKER (even more cringy lul). I switched to a maple tree, changed my name to XREX, Rexy A, (cringy), and a whole lot of other things, like iPadLover. My pictures went from a dirt house, to a picture of me and my friend Tails in a 1.6 world (that was the last time I saw him), then to a picture of Jack Frost, then a maple tree, then my little sister’s Build A Bear Workshop bear, then a ONE WAY street sign, then, finally, I came to Titan Supreme, with my red fist. I’m trying to transition to a new variation of Titan, and I’m still frolicking around, trying to find a good name for me, but I think I’ll stick with a cool version of Titan. I wish I could find my dirt house pic, but that was a LONG time ago.


How do you change your username? (not that I want to, I am just wondering) I have only been here a few months, and my username and avatar has always been the same.


Mine was always Toad as far as I can remember. I had a few variations on servers but nothing drastic.
I’m pretty sure I used to have a different picture around two years ago, but it was probably just another Toad, lol.


I started as shadow i think, then after awhile i moved on to 00excalon and currently i just alternate between sunset, fall, and excalon.


This month marks 4 years I’ve been on these forums. Never changed my username or profile pic, how about that. Pretty much the same in-game but I have a lot of alternate names. Many know me as Katnis Everdin on SGC. (Spelled that way because the correct spelling has been claimed already).


I’m nearly in the same boat as Skeeve.

Bibliophile has been my game name since I first was introduced to the internet. 2012-2013.

Profile pic has changed a lot though, many games don’t have profile pics, a few that do generally get something that references another game. I won’t even try to trace my pics here / in game as I’ve used hundreds.

I’m a fan of using an in game pic, currently I’m a block of titanium ore in game.

(Also many alts, I can’t name half of them anymore.)


my picture:

this picture i use

near my birthday

i post it with another pic

and i use it again


Lol my name comes from a very long time ago, probably the first video game I ever laid my hands on.
I have a GameBoy Advance SP way back from 2009 when it was a hype and I bought a Pokémon Silver Version game pack. Well, I just couldn’t think of a good name, so I just used the name Poke. I loved that game though. Probably one of the best Pokémon games.
7 years later the game pack’s life ended (its batter kind of expired) and so whenever I played on any other game my IGN would be PokeS, to remind me of the game.
About 4 years back I played the remake of Silver Version, i.e., HeartGold version. Well, I used to play that on an emulator in my iPad, because I didn’t have an NDS. An year later, we sold off the iPad because we got a new one.
Since then my IGN has always been Pokehgs, and I don’t think I have ever used a different IGN in any of the games I play.
I also sometimes use the IGN DreadPoke, which comes from Dreadnought. Dreadnought was one of those random players I met in a PvP server during my early days of TBH.The name was catchy, but since he already took it, I chose DreadPoke.
My first blockhead that I spawn is always named Dreadnought though, for the simple reason that it sounds cool.


Wayyyyyy back in 2013 my sister made an account we “shared” (mostly she posted):it was called alexandra&britney. Yup, no caps. I’m a grammar queen. Said no one ever.
Oh, the cringe we were 4 years ago. It’s painful. How we signed posts with our names like “-Alexandra” or “-Britney” to indicate who was posting with the account. And oh, the posts we made…after a while, Milla said we should have separate accounts, and the account was spliced into two.

alexandra&britney doesn’t exist anymore (since 2014, so this account has some very cringey posts, too), and the “alexandra” half is now Alexandra Inglorien. Since the new forums, it’s sadly become Alexandra_Inglorien with an underscore. :expressionless:

As for my IGNs…I have so many I can’t really recall…when I started out I had an obsession with Furbys (or is it Furbies?) and called myself “Furby”, that was taken so it became Furbyme, or sometimes Furby Me.
What is wrong with me? Regardless of the insanity of that IGN, I sometimes still use it, lol. I started using £Alexandra£ and it became my main IGN, though I have lots of random ones out there, too.

And profile pics? I have no idea, I have too many. :stuck_out_tongue: I used to have pictures of my Furby, I remember. The stuff in between is too much trouble to think of.


Mine is unique; I don’t go making weird usernames.


My first one was this:

Then the Bacon Age happened. My profile picture changed to this:

After the Bacon Age I changed my profile picture to what I have currently have now:


I have had the same name… For 4 years. How did I get this name? Blame game center. It prob would shave been something like Zlayer or something if game center didnt give this name


My story is the same as some of the othe old-timers here. My name is Joe. My user name is… Joe. Weird, huh? I created my profile when BHs was brand new, and was lucky enough to get the user name with no special charaters needed. I added my last initial to my ign to become Joeu.


The game:
And there were probably like a million others but those are the only ones I can remember
On the forum:
First was ToyBonnie9
Now it is ItzTheGreenNinja
Profile pics:

It matches my username so why not

I switched my username so my profile picture should match it

Ehhh too many people have that I’ll just make it my BH profile pic

Why not use my Majicland pic?