How did you choose your username


This was my history of profile pictures on the forums all the way from July of 2016
P.S Sorry I don’t know how to minimize pictures.

The burger clip art wasn’t actually my first profile picture on the forums. The first profile picture I ever had on the forums was Patrick Star back when we used the old forums.


My username has always been EpicGamer101… yeah…

P.S For those who play Clash Royale reply with my name :wink:


I used to play Clash Royale.
I stopped it about a year ago because I found TBH more interesting.
I was good at that game, heh.


I wonder if @Ingeniare would be willing to do this… :thinking: I remember all of his old IGNs but I don’t know he story behind each one :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a Blockheads Clash Royale clan BTW.


Really? What is it called? Are the players good?


My username is kaypoppy because I like kpop music and poppy flowers


I’ve remained the same since the beginning. I think. I can’t remember anymore.
Darn, was it really that long ago that I joined?


I first started with “ah2003” as a username I used for this other game. After being bored, and being really confused with my username and with the word “ah”, I changed to some name that sounded interesting, and was a weapon. It ended with Dagger&Mace. Today, I change between Dagger&Mace, Dagger_M, and Dagger_Mace. Mainly I use Dagger_Mace. My profile was a newbie profile till I made the name, Dagger&mace and my profile to correspond to it.


I can’t remember too much but here it goes:

I joined the Blockheads community as themisteryman (don’t ask) from the MGN forums. Since that’s such a long name and hard to type out, people just called me tmm instead. Then with the introduction of cloud worlds I became TMM fulltime. In a (failed) attempt to change things up, I was temporarily JerryAir (again- totally random, don’t ask), but that username didn’t last very long since everyone continued to call me TMM. I vaguely recall a few alternate usernames used around that time but it’s been so long that I can’t really remember them. I remember using 4K&C (stands for the band For King and Country) as an alternate username at one point during the Big Skylands days because I enjoyed (and still do enjoy) that band so much. Promising JemNi that I this was the last time I’d change usernames, I finally settled on the username Ingeniare, which is a Latin term for “engineer”. My forums username was changed to this shortly after the migration to Discourse and now I am often referred to as “Ing” by fellow players.

As for my avatars, those have changed over the years depending on what my interests were at certain times. The most common image I’ve used is the silhouette of a blockhead breaking a block with a diamond pickaxe. This was from a screenshot taken in my early BH days and I’ve fallen in love with it ever since. After someone’s attempt to impersonate me I switched to my current avatar that has the silhouette image placed in the center of a gear (which I currently use now both on the forums and in game). When I’m not using that image I often use a picture taken of an old buddy of mine raising his sword during a pvp fight (shortly before his BH was killed). Other temporary avatars that I can remember have included the pvp picture in the gear, the image of a bald eagle in front of an American flag, and a gray cancer ribbon in the center of the gear.


I have always been shariu with some added numbers or my alt jkitty. My user picture is usually a picture of something in the game. I favor gem trees in sunset skies for my shariu username. I have other pictures I use with jkitty, but sometimes the gem trees pop up.


For my beginning years there was no multiplayer, (at least not the way it is today), so I played single player with my sister and a friend on a LAN world called “hotel”. Back then my name was simply my first name, I had never joined a server and didn’t know it was probably taken.
After cloud worlds were released, I figured out that my name was already taken, so I changed it to something insanely noob-ish (I can’t remember it exactly, but I know it was cringey :laughing:) My pic was just the default, since I hadn’t realized you could change it.
I jumped around from server to server, not ever finding a good one until eventually got my first ban. In an effort to rejoin, I changed my ign to “Doctor drillbit” and my pic to a donkey I took in game. My efforts were not successful. :joy:
After more jumping around, I realized that my name sounded slightly menacing, so I changed it to the minecraft name I was currently using, Derpypig305. (That has stayed my username to this day.) Shortly after, I quit the blockhead’s for about a year since there wasn’t much to do anymore. I came back after seeing 1.6 in the updates, and finally found a server that I could love. I built a railway, and the owner promoted me to admin. In celebration, I changed my pic to an amythist I had in my room. After that server died, my pics have all been some form of pig until we get to today.


Wait… your first username was derpy?


Ok I might have been a little bland on description

So here a good one

Names: always been Haque.
Pictures: default pic. Trapped scorpion in sand, withered foxy (fnaf 2) nightmare foxy (fnaf 4) fnaf world foxy(s) current forums pic, doge. (I’m using doge on bh cuz I lost the pic I use on my tablet so now it’s doge


Lol that’s the reason I chose that pic


You were shrek?!


When I joined (system assigned):

Old because needed a profile pic:

The Bacon Age:

Forumers who knew me back then will know this :wink:

The past:


In the future but it never became my profile picture:

My current profile pic:


I remember your bacon one. It always made me hungry. I’m actually hungry right now. :weary:


Just saying, but I like your ‘E’ better than what you have now.


I have always been arachnidsGreed, but my avatars change constantly. I don’t recall my first avatar anymore. I usually change it when I start to obsess over something, and I change it to suit my interests. Since I don’t play multiplayer on Blockheads anymore, it’s indefinitely whatever avatar I made it. Still arachnidsGreed though.

Origin of the username? - It came from Homestuck, and one of the characters had a chat handle which was arachnidsGrip. I changed the word Grip to Greed.
Some people call me AG. Nowadays I go by chillingCold (pesterchum), royalDreadlord, lolmaryam, and hashtagNight, and 3/5 of the names I often use are Homestuck references.
chillingCold came out of the top of my head when I was playing Toontown. One of the enemies was named Cold Caller.
royalDreadlord came from Elsword, which is a Korean MMORPG. A character in the game have these two classes which were Royal Guard and Dreadlord, so I smushed them together and royalDreadlord existed.
lolmaryam was my username when I signed up for MS Paint Fan Adventures. I never made an adventure, though.