How did you travel around the world the first time?


Using a boat, cages and carrot on a stick, I rode around the world on donkies and a boat.

What did you do?


I used a boat and fur/ice boots of speed.


The first time that I circumnavigated a world was in a single player world world right after I did the tutorial. I wasn’t even aware that there were items on top of the poles. I had no idea there were scorpies in the game until I happened upon them while crossing a desert a night. My son was playing with me at the time connected with a LAN. I dug a hole and waited for him to come with weapons to rescue me. We continued on the trip with boats and donkeys. That was almost 4 years ago!


Wow, that must have taken a lot of or time and rest.

I knew I should use a donkey because it’s ability to jump to climb to higher ground without having to rock climb, and allows you to descend mountains quickly. Plus you can keep riding them even when you are tired and they never lower in speed. Only when climbing mountains in the dark of night did I ever rest and I could leave as soon as it was dawn, even if I wasn’t fully rested. I could put run drop bears and scorpions at night. But you still have to be careful.

When I got my first achievement when I passed a pole, I examined it, like would with any new object and wondered what that object sthe top was. Pretty sure I used blocks to get up there my first time. Back then, Pole items didn’t have a durability, so I used them constantly.

Now they have durability and you can collect more that respawn every few real time weeks, nowadays I placed portals at every pole, teleport there when needed, ride a unicorn up to collect the item and teleport to the next location.


Went right and just kept going right. Towards the North Pole, South Pole, west equator and east equator. >:]


Well, scorpions weren’t in the game yet when I did so I didn’t have to worry about them.


i made a 1/16 world and spawned with a jetpack


99 jetpacks


I walked the entire way. It was a 1x world.


i went on the banana boat


I used a carrot on a stick, boat and leather boots until I got the boots of speed. Oh yeah and a ton of coffee


I did biggest rollercoaster. Many jumps such speed


/admin GoodGradesBoy on servers.

But on a single player world I just walked with food, warm clothing and that’s it…


I walked the entire 4x world…


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Funny story actually. I started a coffee farm around the east equator, well away from my base, which is in the North. One summer I teleported to the portal at the East equator, gathered the coffee cherries, and just kept walking right. I didn’t know what made me do it, but along the path I’ve found around 17 treasures and gathered all the pole items, so overall a good experience! I used warm clothings, two stacks of coffee cherries, a bed, and the sunrise hat of fullness.


I usually use boats and have carrots on hand to make makeshift donkey farms on coasts. I keep a weapon on hand to deal with Scorpions and a Campfire to deal with Dropbears. This got me across a 4x world.


The first time, I traveled around the whole world by utilizing a carrot and a stick, to ride a donkey.


The first time? Walking and swimming. Thats it.

Mind you, this was before kelp, fish, and sharks, so swimming was still a viable option. :blush:


Oh wow! I have played the game before sharks were around and I swam a bit before I learned how to build a boat. I was a real noob. If the dying feature had been put in place earlier, I would have died many times, in the snow, from hunger, getting attacked, walking on lava and drowning. Now you have to be careful.

Me, not so much. I can die, revive and teleport to my base.