How do I break stone backwalls?

I know it is possible as of 1.6, but I’m not sure how to do it, and I’m trying to make an underground base with a natural farm and solar panels.

You have to make sure the stone back wall isn’t toching any blocks and at lest two of the sides of the stone back wall are touching the air. So it is only realy possible for removing moutins and it would be extremly difficult to create a underground base.

here is you answer


I recently knocked a mountin out but to. Make under ground with out the mountin back drop , U will have to start at a deep sea take the Sannd out n back wall sand and work U way along to give U idea on how long it can take … Just takeing a mountin away it took me 5 days
But if no mountin. N flat and next to a very deep sea it possible to do in a few days but again U can only go as deep down as the sea does

All hacking and duping discussion is against the rules, please reread them.

My friend showed me like about a week ago but i still dont understand it.
So thats a good question.

The two most important points have been mentioned. You can only go as deep as your deepest lake/ocean, and you can only clear a stone background block ir the top an done side is free. Think of this second point as a weird game of Mahjong.

Here you can see I am working to the left from a deep but narrow lake.


Here you can see I am clearing a bunch of stone background at once. In each case the top and the right side is clear. I am working the diangles because I can queue things up. Jetpacks are your friends.


Hmm Seems hard work

It is hard work it took 4 days to get this mountin flat lol , but it’s worth it if U get the end result U want

If your stone backwall is detached from dirt or sand above, you can only dig it if there’s an exposed backwall block which has no block/backwall block beside it, right? Like in benmcl’s pic above. But it’s difficult to dig out if there’s no “exposed” backwall. I have accidentally found a way how to dig out your backwall all the way to lava no matter where you are, even on a mountain or on a sea floor. I thought before that it was just a glitch but recently i encountered it again and found exactly how i was able to.

after removing the top dirt/sand including their backwalls above your desired stone backwall location, of course dig out at least 2 layers of the stone. Then place compost or dirt block, at the same level with the highest part of the stone backwall. WAIT FOR THE GRASS TO GROW ON YOUR COMPOST OR DIRT. About 4 blocks above the compost, place dirt block layer so it automatically forms a backwall touching the compost you placed. Then 2 blocks below those dirt blocks recently placed, place another layer of dirt block. DETACH THAT LAYER FROM THE UPPER LAYER by digging out the backwall between the layers, then proceed to DIG OUT THE 2ND LAYER so that the compost layer is exposed to air. You will see that the stone backwall BEHIND the compost has turned into DIRT. Dig out the compost layer as well as the dirt backwall that has formed, and presto! You now have exposed stone backwalls to dig out!

If anyone needs pictures pls tell me so I can take a screenshot and upload it.

p.s. benmcl’s method is actually easier than this one. But if you’re lazy to go to the ocean or don’t have jetpack, try the one above. Hope this helps some :slight_smile:

Wow, I can’t wait to try this!!! Would be amazing to have sky right down at lava!! Thanks so much for sharing this tip with us. :smiley:

Although not a bug, I’m pretty sure it qualifies as an exploit. You should delete it before milla sees it.

Hi joe! For the same reason that water can be multiplied through clever means, which in reality does not, the ability to remove backwalls in the way i found out how to is an exploitable “glitch”. But contrary to your opinion, i respectfully say that it is not an exploit in the sense that could destroy any vital processes of the game. So, i will leave it to others especially milla to decide if indeed what i have discovered is not good for others to know and see. If milla deems my discovery to be harmful then i won’t take it against me if she removes my post, down rep or whatever. I only intend to help, and so if she does take this down at least i hope she would tell me why.

That’s all and thanks for appreciating my post! :slight_smile:

Fair enough. My reasoning for calling it an exploit is that I know Dave went to great pains to give us a way to remove the ugly backwall when we were doing things like mountain removal, but was careful to build limitations into it so that it couldn’t be used underground in place of crafted lighting. This circumvents that.

But you’re right. We should let milla decide.

@Joe, not to offend, but if you analyze my original post again in this thread you would notice that one still has to start from the surface, and tear down the backwall painstakingly one layer at a time up to how deep you would like it to be. Presently, one usually has to find a jutting stone block that can be exposed to air (areas with inclines such as mountains and oceans), and people look for oceans because they have the lowest starting point of stone blocks down to lava. Some have even flattened down mountains just to achieve open air below. You said that Dave gave us the ability to remove the backwall, right? But he did not give us the ability to remove the backwall when it is still attached to something, still right, yes? [U]That means nobody can remove a stone backwall in a cave underground tap just like that. I really believe that THAT is the limitation you are talking about.[/U] Oh how we wish we could do that, just remove a backwall and presto, light and fresh air in the mines! But no, I also don’t think that should be enabled, it’s just not sensible. The known method and my method are still similar in that you have to start from the very top of a stone block column and strip it down including backwall. So I am not suggesting what you think I am, just tapping underground and then “let there be light!” [U]The only difference is that this method would not require deep sea or mountainside to strip down a stone block column.[/U] In fact it is a very slow way to get fresh air down there compared to benmcl’s. Try it and you will see. But you will appreciate the reason why I have put it up.

I am sorry that I have to emphasize many things in this reply. I sincerely just want you to understand me correctly. So no, I am not circumventing the idea of crafted lights down there. I am sharing something that I firmly believe is legit, unless Dave and milla sees it your way (which is not very thorough, sorry to say). I will be sharing my idea under hints and tips, as I have in fact found an improved and very easy way to do it, as a token of love for this game and for all who do as well. Cheers! :wink:

I have just spent sometime following what papa suggestion. The steps are easy enough but it is time consuming.

Yes you have to start at the surface. Sometimes it takes awhile for grass to grow. I am currenlty making a shaft about 10 blocks wide. Going to take a while.

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