How do I build a casino in blockheads


I had this wonderful idea of building a casino in bh, i got all the blocks nailed down…but i cant seem to make it work. How am i going to gamble in blockheads?


I don’t think gamble is suitable for kids…and I have no idea how even if you want to…


Of course it’s not suitable, nothing is!


(Idea from Unihorse)

Get a safe, fill it with prizes, and make people pay for it. It can range from one dirt block to 1000 diamond. You can place multiple in the building.

Or you can do the basic raffle.


Make a room & fill it with safes that look identical on the outside. Randomly fill some with valuables and some with items that are worth close to nothing. Players can pay to randomly open one of the safes of their choice - an entirely luck based “game”.


I have had numerous people do lotteries on my servers over the years.

Here’s one way to make it work. You can’t put items in a chest or cabinet and put that in a shop right? But you can put a shop containing other things inside a shop! So get a large number of shops and put your big payout of money into one or however many winners you decide and mix that up along with some totally empty shops. Now put those in a shop you place in your casino and charge whatever you want to play. You could have different prices for different levels of jackpots, like penny slots, and gold slots and platinum slots.

Just had this idea:
fruit tree roulette. I don’t even know if this would work, but you could test it out. You know how fruit now falls from the tree? Well, lay out a grid below some trees with numbers and black and red squares. Now watch for where the FIRST fruit falls from the tree. That’s the winner.

OR, here’s another maybe better idea.
Dodo roulette: have a pet dodo in a cage and a roulette “table” with the colors and numbers laid out. now you release your dodo onto the “table” and see where it lays an egg, that’s the winning square. @thuthu I think BB should have a roulette table. <hint, hint>

Final idea which I tried on my server but it takes a while.
Meditation Poker: Each player gets a spot to meditate and a glass cabinet (x2). You decide the point values of all the meditation items, for example, in my game gems were like face cards. Now you meditate and try to get the best “hand” by placing your meditated items in your cabinet.

edit: more ideas
Dodo races: you don’t ride them. you just have a long stretch of area with a finish at the opposite side. You start your dodos on one end and the first to have their pet dodo reach the far side wins. Place bets on winners. Other animals might work too but I find that dodos are almost always moving and in pretty random ways, stopping and reversing, that sort of thing.


@jemnidad Id love it on Birthday Bonanza (hint hint)… Haven’t had time to beef up the casino area… which would be around the Queen of Hearts card.


A derby race could work.
Put bets, have volunteers (can’t bet for the round) race donkeys to the end of a track.

Whoever bet on the winning donkey gets double their bet back.

Assuming bet range: 2 gold, 5 gold, 10 gold.


:cool: :slot_machine:

I don’t have anything else to say.


Ideas… ideas everywhere…


Gambling is fun. Unless you take it too far and use up all your life savings.

Well said.

That’s pretty cool, but where is anyone ever going to get that many diamonds…? It will take them months and years.

I did that once back in 2015, Everyone kept complaining because they didn’t win. :raspberry:

My thought is you make a shop with 99 things and they cost a lot, but one or more of those things is colored a different color, whoever has them wins.


Like the safe game on my server ? That I suggested for your unihorse party ?


I concept I came up with was prized based off of sieves and the ore you get from it.

Basically you buy gravel of a certain price and receive coin prizes based on the ore you get. I never really worked out the balancing of it, as I never bothered to see if anyone took data on sieving yields. But if somebody can find me some numbers to work with, I am sure I can figure out the balancing (Bunch of math stuffs)


“C’mon Ferb I know what we’re doing today.”


Have you ever watched an add in tbh

You can also do a guess how many are in the safe type of thing


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ofc lol,other games too.DeadlyPotato got the point :cool:


Yeah well I have officially began preparing for a 1,000 gravel experiment. Will provide the numbers when I complete the test.

Note I am doing this in my vanilla world so I gotta crush all the gravel


No need to, I’m certain this experiment has been done before and its results exist on the forums. Can’t remember for the life of me where they are, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure it had something to do with Skeeve.

Edit: Here’s the link