How do I find gold?

Loving the game, but finding that gold and gold nuggets is a real bottleneck to upgrading my forge and getting steel tools etc. Is there an rhyme or reason for resource distribution, and/or are there any tell-tale signs to finding gold (like spawning in other minerals?)

Help me not be stuck in the Bronze Age! Thanks for the help!

Sorry I haven’t mined very much yet and can’t help you here. I’d say your best bet is to keep diggin away.

I heard that maybe getting your meditation bar to full MAY give you gold nuggets… but don’t hold that to me. I, personally, have got my meditation bar up and got a diamond and maple seed, so I think it may be random, or there is some sort of different set that you get each meditation… But yeah, I tried it out, and didn’t get gold - but it might still work!

Never found it! :confused:

I did find something twice but it´s extremely rare! just keep digging someday you just have to find it :wink: and yey just got a diamond and a chili from meditating :smiley:

I found a lot of golden nuggets by reaching the center of the world, you’ll only find it beneath a certain level (like halfway to the center of the world),

well first you’re going to want to find a good mountain that’s tall and has resources. Then you should make tons of torches/lanterns. After that you should dig down far. You’ll know its a good mountain if it has lots of gems and time crystals. And finally you have to did down really far, sometimes even to lava. I found so much gold by doing this.

Hope this helped. Good Luck.

i found one bit of gold

Gold is actually quite common in caves once you’re down in the lower parts of the world. Within the bottom 1/3 of the world is where gold can be found, I think.
Also, if you have a gem pickaxe, you should probably use that to dig it. With a diamond pick, you can get enough gold nuggets to make a gold pick for each block.

Well I find that If you go to the center of the earth and dig around it since you don’t need lanterns you will easily find a lot of gold. It comes in bunches usually in my world so you just have to keep digging to find it ^-^ and what helps me is that you use a diamond pickaxe on the gold so that every time you find a little mound or whatever you call it you get 18 gold nuggets out of each one. also it’s easier to see them because they slightly light up.

Theres no gold detectors in blockheads

Gold detectors?
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Thanks for the tips! I owe you one

Not only that, but please post something contributive to the thread. Nobody said anything about gold detectors.

Dig straight down. Take torches. From time to time, zoom out to check your progress. If you aren’t sure if some ore (it’s yellow in color) is gold, remove your torch. The gold (like gems and time crystals) will stay lit up once they are initially discovered. Don’t waste time looking for a mountain far from your resources - just dig straight down.