How Do I get my old account back?


I’ve been playing this game for a long time and the app had just gotten deleted it would be great if anyone knows how to get your account back thanks!!


As a new member you won’t be able to PM yet, but after you browse some threads and maybe post a thing here or there, you’ll get the PM feature unlocked. Then you can send a PM to @milla

You’ll need to PRIVATELY share your deviceID which is on the Help/Credits screen of the game. Don’t share this sensitive ID with anyone else. The other thing she’ll need is your new and your old account names.


So long as you’re using the same Apple ID the same support ID (account designation) should be assigned. If not private message me by tapping on my avatar or post here and ask me to message you, and I should be able to sort it out for you.


Do you use a different Apple ID now?


I need your help, please instant message me


I’ve sent you a private message.


Hi could you send a private message for me please the Apple ID is not working.


milla i have the same problem ):


Thank you for the advice!