How do I get rainbow dodo eggs?

I was searching for rainbow dodo eggs but I could not find them after amethyst dodo eggs also.
Can anyone tell me how do I get rainbow dodo eggs?

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I do not know

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Gotta go through all of the gems to get to rainbow. Here’s the guide:




your welcome

Thanks for the guide @NYCCI
I really appreciate it!!

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Where did Dave get the surreal idea of having dodos being turned to jet pack fuel


um i didn’t know that but i think there are space dodos also??

They are like green color i don’t know.

Maybe you should try getting one. It is fun! :slight_smile: :egg:

I once tried breeding dodos but my farm burned down. :what: :fire: :dodo:
To my disappointment there was no cooked dodo meat

Was your farm made of wood? Was there a campfire in your farm? :lol:

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oops then why did u place the campfire :confused:

Oh and @BeakBoi20 did u read the dodo egg breeding chart that @NYCCI gave us??

U have to get the stone dodo first then u have to get Amethyst dodo. And then it will start a line of custom gem dodos.

Example: After Amethyst yiu will get a Sapphire dodo then it will start emerald, ruby, diamond, and finally the Rainbow dodo.

Note: Yiu will only get it by breeding them.

Warning: U have to keep your Rainbow dodo safe and feed it apples until it have been tamed and then it will show the hunger bar then u will have to feed it again until it’s hunger bar is full.

Last note: If yiu go to mining or to collect something etc don’t forget to create another blockhead for when u are away then your another blockhead will take care of your Rainbow dodo and lastly don’t forget to give your new blockhead apples for the Rainbow dodo.

Ik that but is it RNG that gets you a stone dodo?

Um yea i think that is a RNG.

But yiu have to get the stone dodo first.

And @BeakBoi20 why is everyone saying revive this game when it is already fine or im wrong??

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Yea you are somewhat wrong. Everyone knows this game is more dead than a rat that got hit with a semi truck
Oh and btw don’t post two replies within an hour use @ to phrase who you want to talk to.
Milla will be give you a few warnings like she did with me, but try to get in the habit

um yea i use the @ to phrase??

Maybe this can offer some insight into the state of the game. :slight_smile:

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