How do I get rainbow dodo eggs?

I was searching for rainbow dodo eggs but I could not find them after amethyst dodo eggs also.
Can anyone tell me how do I get rainbow dodo eggs?

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Gotta go through all of the gems to get to rainbow. Here’s the guide:


Thanks for the guide @NYCCI
I really appreciate it!!


um i didn’t know that but i think there are space dodos also??

They are like green color i don’t know.

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Maybe you should try getting one. It is fun! :slight_smile: :egg:

Was your farm made of wood? Was there a campfire in your farm? :lol:

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oops then why did u place the campfire :confused:

Oh and @BeakBoi20 did u read the dodo egg breeding chart that @NYCCI gave us??

U have to get the stone dodo first then u have to get Amethyst dodo. And then it will start a line of custom gem dodos.

Example: After Amethyst yiu will get a Sapphire dodo then it will start emerald, ruby, diamond, and finally the Rainbow dodo.

Note: Yiu will only get it by breeding them.

Warning: U have to keep your Rainbow dodo safe and feed it apples until it have been tamed and then it will show the hunger bar then u will have to feed it again until it’s hunger bar is full.

Last note: If yiu go to mining or to collect something etc don’t forget to create another blockhead for when u are away then your another blockhead will take care of your Rainbow dodo and lastly don’t forget to give your new blockhead apples for the Rainbow dodo.

Um yea i think that is a RNG.

But yiu have to get the stone dodo first.

And @BeakBoi20 why is everyone saying revive this game when it is already fine or im wrong??

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um yea i use the @ to phrase??

@WumboJumbo i don’t know what to say but…

This is not good we got to start reviving the game i mean we don’t want to get this game to get removed forever and dead forever :cry: :cry:

oks i understand this now @Bahadur11

also why is rainbow after diamond? i feel like it’d make more sense in a cycle that actually considers all six colors, while the gems only account for four

Um but still i will try hard to get em @Bahadur11

But @BeakBoi20 u have the Gold eggs until now right??

What!?!?! yiu have a rainbow egg also!!
Cool!! @Bahadur11