How Do I Get This Magical Stuff?


How do I get this magical Rainbow Essence?

I’m trying to make the unicorn cake thingy but I don’t know how to get some of the ingredients needed to make it.


I haven’t played that far into the game, but rainbow essence can be obtained naturally in a few ways:

a) Rainbow unicorn/donkey (obtained through breeding)
b) Rainbow dodo (also obtained through breeding)
c) Occasionally spawns in golden chest

If I remember correctly, the crafting recipe is either one of each gem or one of each gem shard in a press.

Shards are obtained from gem dodos.

Breeding basics for dodos

Breeding mastery in general


Plus you can med it in addition to the other ways above


Once you have obtained rainbow essence you can make a Rainbow Cake Farm if you wish.


But it’ll take 15 minutes.


Do a race. Have one BH meditate. One BH breed donkeys up to rainbow unicorns. And the final BH breed dodos up to rainbow dodos and see who gets rainbow essence first. :wink:

I think I might put my money on the meditation method.


Don’t forget the person exploring, mining, and looking for golden chests. I bet that blockhead will find rainbow essence first!


Not only first, but he will find a lot of it :slightly_smiling_face:


That really depends on the age and popularity of the world if it’s multiplayer.

Even though they take a while, the benefit of having rainbow unicorns or dodos is that you then have a renewable resource as they keep breeding and dying.