How do I get to sky net?

I’m on phone and I’m not sure I can get on it, but I would like to go on there for time crystals

This should be on the Skynet thread instead of its own, but I think they have the link to the world posted.

Are you not able to search for the server in the game? I think it might be a Mac server, so that makes sense.

It’s a Mac server so they can’t just search it up.

Here, just type this in to your IP port thingy.image

it just says “Searching… Please wait…” for over 10 mins, by then i allready give up

you need to type in the stuff from the picture I put above. It is Mac so you cannot search it. Please don’t give up. it is a fun server, and the more the merrier.

I did

Weird, you may want to contact the owner @Codeoffun.

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I have a IPhone 6+ is that not high enough for it?

not sure, I have an old Ipad to and it worked. Do you have a good Internet connection?

is 200 mbps enough?

It might be down or your internet is slow or a typo can you join cloud servers

Try the link

yes about that, it would not work for me so not sure what was wrong.

If it didn’t work the server might be down

If you use a VPN try disabling it.