How do I join the Cloud?

I play on mobile, and mobile only, and I am trying to get a server transferred ownership to me due to the previous owner wanting to depart from the game. I don’t know if it’s because my current username isn’t my first username or if it’s because I don’t play on a computer/PC/Laptop.

I just want an answer, and I am fine with being told it’s not possible.

Edit: I had to delete a photo because I was worried that showing this weird code thing would be bad. Well I assume it’s bad.

You can wait for @milla to help u with this

Yes, definitely don’t show that code. Only show it to Milla.

The ONLY way for a world ownership to get transferred is for the current owner to contact Milla and request the transfer to the new owner. Don’t give the other player your support ID. Like the others said, only share that with Milla when/if she needs it.

I won’t discuss a world ownership change with the prospective owner until the current owner has provided me with all the information I need to action the change. The current owner will no doubt let you know when that has happened.

Milla, I know that. 1537385 tried to pass ownership of a server called Golden Swamps to me; and you responded that you couldn’t because my name wasn’t in the cloud.

I’m simply asking how to get in the cloud.

Have you not played on an online world before? If not, then do so.

I have, it’s the reason why I’m so confused about everything.

I have private messaged you.