How do I provoke a dodo bird to lay a certain type of egg?


So yet again, i’m breeding dodo birds for resources and food and all i’ve been getting is original, dirt, wood, and stone. How do I get the stone dodos to lay new eggs?


I think you should keep waiting.


Have you tried taming a stone dodo? I find taming one helps them to lay the next eggs more regularly.
Feed a baby stone dodo 2 apples, keep it away from any apple trees or feeder chests, the next day when it grows up keep tapping it again with the Apple till it excepts another feed, this 3rd feed usually tames it, if not, wait till the next day and try again.


Keep them fed, they won’t lay eggs hungry!


Taming does wonders. I started by collecting a bunch of stone eggs and placing them in a field of their own with walls or fences. After taming them, eventually they started laying eggs and soon laid eggs of the next kind. Limestone, copper, amethysts and a few more.

It’s always a good habit to separate the dodo types and taming them. I usually assign one my block heads to breeding and taming dodos. Any dodo type you don’t need or don’t want to kill and have been tamed, simply cage them and put them on a shelf with their corresponding item underneath to keep them organised and recognisable.


Put two eggs of the same type together and feed them.
If they produce more of the same eggs, put them, so there’s a greater chance for them to breed.
When they breed 2 different eggs, repeat the process.