How do I report or deal with extremely abusive hackers?

I this guy one hit me and come on an alt to collect my stuff without hacking and I killed him and he came back and teleported to me and one hit me again then came and took all my stuff

Report it to the owner of the server.

The owners not been on for a while or any admins as far as I can tell

Maybe you shouldn’t play on the server then.

Yeah, I would probably look for a server with some staff that can take action.

What they said. It’s best to play on worlds with an active owner, even if they’re only on once a week, if they’re paying attention they can request me to roll back and stuff.

Even if they do get banned u can make clone apps and sign in even if u ip ban them still can make a clone app I found that out last week

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while your posts are flagged, i’d just say to please keep in mind in the future that discussion of specific methods or instances of cheating or hacking are not allowed

you can ask questions about these things and you can also absolutely pm staff if there’s something important, but under no circumstance should you share specifics of how the hacking is done

you should read more into this if it isn’t entirety clear

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Sorry guys I having thought of this :pensive: so sorry milla for disobeying the rules

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It’s a banning offence. Once more and you get a month off, both of you.

The forums FAQ, available to everyone at all times, is accessible in the main menu, and it does explicitly state that this is not permitted. I think anyone not confident in their knowledge of the rules here should familiarise themselves with that.

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