How do I sign my owner portal into the blockheads so I can have my old server back?

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Do you know your password?

you need the original username of the owner and their owner portal password

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In case you need it, this is the link to the Owner Portal:

If this is the very first time you have ever logged into the Owner Portal, then I will have to defer to others knowledge on that because it’s been over 7 years now since I did it for the first time.

However, if you’ve done it before then as stated above you need the username you used to create the world and the password you used to set up the Owner Portal. If you forgot your password, then you’ll have to contact support because I don’t recall there being a “forgot my password” option.



I believe the problem here is the reverse. @Asadulla has access to the owner portal, but got a new phone or something, so can no longer access the same name in blockheads.

This means that your support ID has changed. Milla can merge your old and new ID together. You’ll need to contact her either at support [at] or via a private message here on the forum after browsing for 15 minutes or so to gain the necessary permissions. You’ll need to give her your current support ID from the Help & Credits screen in game, and either your old support ID, or some other proof that you are the same person.

Note: Don’t share the support ID with anyone else, or they can steal your account.


I will PM you, as I can probably help, if you have the information I need.