How do I stop this

How do I stop my dodos from falling down a level and/or into the stone it is getting very very very annoying

I’m not sure about this but would making the ground two blocks thick help?
I just saw that they are in the ground other places nvm…

I usually log off and then back on - sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I haven’t raised dodo’s on a server in a long time though. I have a farm on Single Player and then just use a Portal Chest to bring the eggs in. Although, of course that won’t work for Custom Worlds.

The thing I like best about SP Dodo Farms is you can hear the eggs being laid.
On MP you can’t. (Or at least I can’t)


Would it cause lag if the sounds were enabled?

I’m not sure about that one. I always have sounds enabled, so I’ll have to try it with it off and see what happens.

I’ve farmed dodos on a server before, it’s not that hard. They do occasionally die for no reason but as long as you have them in a closed off space it shouldn’t be a problem. What I would do was raise and tame dodos and then sell them in a shop for 1g. It may seem like too cheap but it was because there was an abundance of trade portals and they were all set to free. So all I had to pay for was the time it took to raise the dodos. I didn’t have to pay for the cages or the apples so it was fairly cheap, I could buy as many eggs, cages, or apples as I needed and all anyone else was paying for was for the taming process. Also it was kind of a passtime for me, all I had to do was place eggs, feed them, and cage them when they were tamed. People actually bought it too since money wasn’t scarce either. I believe everyone started with 99p and I was also an admin so I could get more.

Stop by SGE (Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire) sometime.
We have Egg Shops selling every kind of egg (except the ordinary dodo egg).

The plan is to have pet shops selling every kind of tamed dodo as well.

Eggs are a bit pricey though - especially the upper tier ones. But the idea is once you buy one or two, you then can go on to raise more.

Not server lag, but possibly on the client device. I don’t know if the game will still load audio files if the device is muted.