How do I transfer my progress from my old device to my new device? (My time crystals, single player worlds and my blockheads on other servers)

I am hoping to transfer my stuff from my old device (iPad mini) from blockheads to my current device which I am using (iPhone XR). What would i need to do then? Backup and restore data doesn’t seem to be an option as i have some important up to date things on my phone which I do not wish for them to be gone. Please help haha, recently rejoined blockheads and planning on getting back into the game once again after multiple years of playing (played throughout my childhood :") good memories)

I tried logging in to the same game center account on my ipad and iphone already,i am able to login as the same character in servers. However, I can’t seem to get my time crystals and single player worlds progress and things in portal chests on servers that I have on my old device and not in my new device

Are you experiencing a different issue than the one you described earlier?

I am not experiencing a different one haha, i made this right about the same time when milla replied what happens when i back up and restore, and i was hoping if i could get any advice for this and i got them already from my previous post

im just waiting until milla responds back to my PM yesterday now :slight_smile:

Didnt @Bibliophile talk about a method to transfer worlds?

i wanna restart my single world progress, it makes it fun for me, besides i didnt go that far yet in my single world so should be fine, it just about my time crystals at this point