How do u play a friend?

My daughters want to play each other on their iPads. How do I do that? I see 2 player but don’t know how to add a friend. Can anyone help?

Do they have Game Center accounts?

( The ipads )

If they do have a GC account then 1 of them send a Friend request to the other one accept it and 1 of them again go to the blockheads and swipe to the world you want to go to and tap 2player and invite friends and invite the other person and on the other persons screen tap on the invite on top of the screen and [SIZE=6]Ta-da[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]or if doesnt work:confused: [/SIZE]

Signed them up in game center and it worked. Thank u all so much! Now maybe they will leave me alone long enough to get some laundry done!


Much appreciated :slight_smile:

i used to play on private worlds with people all around the globe via game center, im wondering if its possible

You can only do LAN for playing online. I don’t think you can play with other people using game centre, but I may be wrong.

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No, we removed Game Center matching after Apple went through a period of making changes that broke the game.

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yeah i just saw a video talking about it, its a shame…

Yeah, along with the voice chat feature. :slightly_frowning_face:

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