How do world ownership changes happen?

Ok, thank you! Sorry I have not answered. I have been busy with life and such. I have another question that has come to mind and it was a friend’s idea. He is trying to change ownership of an old server all our friends used to play on, since the owner (who is a very close friend of everyone) isn’t coming back. He doesn’t know how though, and so I suggested DMing you. But my question is, is the owner the only person who can ask you to change the ownership? Because we don’t own the server and stuff. He is co owner of the server, but there’s no official co owner thing, only admin and mod. He asks if you can see how long it was since the last time the owner was on and agree to change the ownership, but I do not know if that is acceptable, or if only the owner gets the permission and let’s the ownership be transferred. I apologize if I caused any inconvenience, I just wanted to know.

Next time, please make a new thread.

Also, I’m pretty sure she cannot tell you when the owner was last on and only the owner can change who is the owner.

Moved into a new thread. Please don’t dredge up dead threads unless you are contributing to them in a meaningful way, and on-topic.

Only world owners in the system can make requests regarding their worlds. If the world is on your account you can email or private message me here to ask that I change its ownership. Nobody else can.