How do you all view server creation?


Edit: Sorry if this is kind of Off-Topic, this just seemed like the most accurate location for this post.

Alright, let me explain. I’ve been playing for a very long time now (like mid 2013-Now) and I’ve got a question, what is your view on making servers?

I’ve always made servers to host a multiplayer’s game OF Blockheads, but I’ve recently explored and taken a liking to the viewpoint that a multiplayer server can be treated like a different game using BH as the tool.

What I mean is this, do you see servers as a world on blockheads or as a way of making a semi-new game through using blockheads? Other views would Ben appreciated, sorry if I’m inconsistent or confusing.


For cloud servers go to


I meant to ask what’s your thoughts on developing servers and how to perceive/view them are. Sorry if I was super confusing.


That is fine, how we do it is by themes i believe.

You can make a certain theme and go with it.


We frequently create new games and minigames within Blockheads. For example, maze and challenge servers, and on a smaller scale, games like chess, checkers, and gem dunk. So yes, I suppose sometimes we do see it as new games within the game.


type space bar in search bar


Ah it would be cool to have things like command blocks




Yep, I have made servers where the plan is to play handcar sports and race on specially created tracks. Skylands Arena now has tracks and courses all over the world.

I have also done two challenge servers, an amusement park ride simulation, and visited many maze servers and other game servers.

The way I see it, there certainly IS the aspect of actually playing Blockheads as it was designed, but as with Minecraft and other sandbox games, the game structures are so amazingly flexible with diverse features that allow you to create and design so many games within the game.