How do you do pixel art?


how do you do pixel art?
@Brer-Rabbit and @jemnidad use it in there servers.


You just use blocks and make nice designs, painting them helps sometimes. There are also templates if you want to search them up. :slight_smile: Hope this helps.


you start planning out what you want to make as a pixel art.

then sketch out your pixel art on a piece of paper.
(does not have to perfect as long as you understand it)

after that slowly start off by making your sketch in the game,any edits are fine as long as your fine with it.paints are important too,make sure you have the right paint you require.
(i suggests you not to edit too much or your pixel art will be slowed down because of this)

i hope this help,i use this all the time


Its a Inspiration what things or living things you see :wink: then make it come true to be a pixel art!


how do you do a safe pixel art though?


Find a pattern on Pinterest or google that you like. Cross stitch patterns will work if they have whole squares. You can also use the skeevatron on the blockheads fans site to create your own pattern from a picture. Here is a guide that I made with tips to help build your PixelArt.

I hope this helps you get started. Have fun creating PixelArt.


I do pixel art by going yolo. See one of my high-quality circles here: Mysterious builds... New build's on Caron's Peace


If you do start building pixel art, try making a tree!


build a giant cube

you made a pixel art of a cube

let’s celebrate

with more cubes


Just draw a picture in a notebook, then draw multiple other alternative desingns, and decide wich one is your favorate. Plan on how you want to pixelize it and what paint/blocks to use.

Block and item design

Gem blocks: Transparent, paintable (Unlike ice), does not have a pattern

Glass: Transmits sunlight, can be used as church mosaics

Black glass backwall: Not paintable but you can see the pixelart when you zoom out. (Good for secret things)

Basalt: Can be painted but not very visible from zooming out

Marble: Clear but with grid pattern

Sandstone: Rectangular grid pattern

Wood: Thinner rectangular grid pattern

Limestone: Brick pattern

Brick: Complicated brick pattern

Stone: Even more complicated brick pattern

Metals: Look good for statues, and natural pixelart

Sand: Look good for making soft cloth or snow

Gravel: Rusty pattern

Plaster: Solid pattern

Platforms: Sketch pattern

Luminous plater: Solid pattern but visible at night

Shelf: Beams

Cabinet: Metal beams

Wires: Ligns

Rails: Sideways beams

Colums: Vertical beams

Stairs: Ramps

Staris (Backwall): Diagonal beams

Camprire: Flame

Tilor bench: Funky pattern

Compost bin: Log pattern

Builder bench: Stones pattern

Train yard: Stone platform pattern

While painting you can mix different shades on your color using blacks and whites and you can mix with other colors to make gradients. And make sure your artwork is as original as possible. If you copy other people’s work and art it is less fun. Use skeeveratron to help (But skeeveratron is very unartistic since you’re just printing a giant image inside the blockheads and not doing actual art).


Side lamps: Luminates the lide only

Torch: Firy lighting

Ice torch: Icy lighting

Gems: The color of the gem

Gold: Golden lighting

Chandelier: Hurts the eyes, please do not use them.

I recommend you paint on backwalls since it doent’ take up enough space and is easy to light up. Blocked pixel art can be hard to light up.


What do you mean by “safe”?