How do you get more people to your server

How do you get more people to your server without advertising. I don’t like advertising because a lot of servers have no advertising so is there any other way?

Post it here? There is no rule against advertising your server (or another persons server without permission) Just include some rules and or a link.

a) Make sure it is in fact your server, no abandoned-by-actual-owner-so-unofficial-owner-stuff.

b) Make sure your server is appropriate for children and remains with the community’s guidelines.

c) Make your server one worth playing in. Players are unlikely to invest their time in a server with volatile rules or power structures, or one that’s an impossible to traverse grief-a-palooza.

d) Be dedicated, don’t make a server on a whim and subsequently abandon it.

e) Should you have succeeded in fulfilling the above steps, advertise your server in the #multiplayer category. Include the plaintext welcome message (rules, guidelines, description, etc.). Pictures are entirely optional, but they act as a decent attractor.

I think that’s about it, really.


No you cannot advertise others servers only yours :slight_smile:

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Testif’s suggestions are good. The other suggestion is to BE ONLINE. If you make your server public, or even searchable, more people will find it and join it when they see at least one person online. The “Join Random World” option sends players to worlds that are online with players on them. And players who search for worlds will immediately know if a world in online and has credit if it has a player count.

Once you have them, the next trick is to keep them there. That depends on your spawn to some extent, and your rules and what type of server it is.

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This video by @PorkyTheChop offers some good advice.

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