How do you get the different unicorn colors?


I need some help getting the different colors of unicorn. So far I just have white and rainbow unis. If you want you can come to my server to breed them and I’ll try to help out.


What’s the name of your server?


Winters revenge


White and rainbow unis?

Are you sure they are not donkeys?

Sounds to me you were given those unicorns that’s why you haven’t experienced the different colours through breeding.

Have you don’t any level of breeding? Maybe even the ones for breeding dodos? Or donkeys?


Donkeys don’t have horns or sparkles and I got the rainbow unicorn from having two white ones together.


Hehe :sweat_smile:

And I’m guessing you were given those two white unicorns, bought them or traded for them?

Because those colours are at the end of the line of breeding. I would be interestingly difficult working backwards. Not impossible.

I did it with rainbow donkeys to breed as many grey unicorns as possible, as part of a living rainbow essence farm. Sometimes it goes backwards where a white donkey might be born.


I wasn’t given them


Donkeys colour breed in this order -original/grey :arrow_right:️brown, :arrow_right:️black, :arrow_right:️blue, :arrow_right:️green,:arrow_right:️ yellow, :arrow_right:️orange, :arrow_right:️red,:arrow_right:️ purple, :arrow_right:️pink, :arrow_right:️white, :arrow_right:️rainbow —then they proceed to breed unicorns,:fast_forward: the rainbow donkey will breed a grey Uni,:arrow_right:️ then grey breeds brown,:arrow_right:️Brown breeds black, black breeds… and so on for, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, white, then rainbow.

Both have a chance to breed backwards in colour as you have worked out, and the rarer colours take longer to produce then the beginning colours, so patience is your friend.
Could be faster for you to tame one or more of each colour as you get it, keeping only the colour out your working with keeping all other pets caged and stored, to increase the chances of getting the colour your after.
Feed carrots to donkeys 5-7 feeds, and rainbow cupcakes to Unicorns. 5-7 feeds. One feed per bh day.


Well if they are white unicorns (or even white donkeys) there’s no way to find them in nature. They have had to have been bred.

How did you obtain them?


I got it from a sky island and I know the difference between a donkey and a unicorn


Someone’s unicorn must have had a baby when they landed on that sky island.


This must have been obtained on a server right? Neither of them can occur in nature. Like the other guy said, someone’s tamed animal must have had a baby.

I know because one of my unicorns did that when I was showing someone my rainbow unicorn, then a rainbow baby unicorn appeared and started walking around their base. I let them have the baby and bought them a cage to keep it in.