How do you know if your pet have a rare name?

I’m just wondering what kind of name of the tamed pet is rare.

Jemni, Jujubee, Thuthu, Biblio, majicDave, Redmarble, Porky, and others are all rare names. Let me find the list of them. :slight_smile:

How could I forget Skeeve and the rest?


you can check out this guide here to see most of the name lists :smiley:

Oh, thanks

Yep, the list I posted is from that thread.

@OldYellow My pleasure. :+1:

Hmm, for another question, what if the name of my pet isn’t on the list (fish-list). I don’t see it anywhere

What is it’s name? The rare list is incomplete, so it could be one of those.

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Marshmellow is on the fish list. :slight_smile:

Oh I’m probably blind or something

There is a total of 44 rare names to be discovered (mostly iOS beta tester names and names of Dave’s family members).

Here is the list with some additional names and the mobs that got that name when tamed:

Who the heck is Nitrojuju?

@Nitrojuju is a beta tester.

Wow, never dabbled in taming much since the update came out (been playing a lot on minetest lately but I am coming back to theblockheads)

It is hilarious that they added famous forumers as easter egg names

Oh yeah, that user!

@asyc I found a screenshot that just included my rare name cave troll. A bit of cropping later… Not the greatest picture but still immortalised.


Eggs from the legendary MajicDave lapis lazuli dodo are available in Looking Glass for 5p each.

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