How do you know what tulip seed is whatever color?


So i’m new to breeding tulips and I can’t tell what color seed is which and how to pick one out


The only way to know as far as I’ve seen is to plant it. Then, once you know, put it on a shelf or a chest or something and use a sign to label it so you know, and keep it separated from other colors. Otherwise if you mix them all together it’s like trying to find a needle in a needle stack.


Use a tin spade, that way you get 1 seed and 2 bulbs.
Seeds can breed into different tulips, bulbs will always stay the same.


A tin spade?


Any spade will work, but tin is the BEST.


Yeah, I personally use it because it is the “best spade” (in terms of durability)


Impossible to be 100% sure about what color tulip will come from a seed. You can only be 100% sure from a bulb. Seeds generate random mutations and hybrids.