How do you name the dodos?

and what do i need to take care of them?
one of my dodos died and i was sad but i ate the meat because i was starving lol
how long do they live?

Once you tame an animal, a name (which you can change) will be generated. If it has no name, it hasn’t been tamed.
Dodos need to be fed 3 apples in order to be tamed. Once tamed, they’ll have a health bar in addition to a name, and live for as long as you feed them and don’t let them starve (with apples, they don’t eat anything else).

Make sure not to hit it by accident as that will set your “taming progress” back, and try not to use the feeder chest, as it will possibly feed them when you aren’t looking, making them too full to be fed from your own hand and most likely causing them to die of old age before they can be tamed.


You can change their names whenever you want! Just tap on them, their name, and then the pencil icon (I think it was a pencil). Animals are nameless before they’re tamed.

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Here are some step by step pictures of how to change the name after you tame one:

Tap on your dodo, select the current name

Tap the pencil icon

You can change the name here! ^-^

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Oh, never mind then! :slight_smile: