How do you ORGANIZE your inventory?



How would you sort your inventory? Is it just a mess? Or however you feel? Does it have a bunch of baskets? Chests? Take a screenshot if you can!

Maybe you also have different ways of sorting them for creative/building worlds or survival.


I myself hate throwing things away but as I usually flit job to job my inventory tends to be a mess of safes and cabinets with random items littered all over. My must have items I carry are :ownership signs, coffee cherries, a workbench and a blue portal as I tend to die during distractions :joy:🥴


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My inventory’s is usually a mess, unless I take time to organize it by Tools, Food, and Blocks etc. I also carry chests as a sort of backpack to help me on my journeys.


I’m definitely in the “total mess” category, with one exception. I try to keep all my tools in my top row under clothes, just for ease of access.

I have also gotten in the habit of having two spots for jetpacks, a fresh supply of jetpacks is in a lower basket somewhere, and then a second stack of used jetpacks will go in a higher basket in the ordering. So when you equip a fresh jetpack, the consumed one goes to the “spent” pile, and not on top of the fresh ones.

One expert mode strategy I learned the hard way was to have one slot with no basket, and if I’m traveling, I use that for a chest or two. If you die, chests don’t despawn nearly as fast as baskets.


I got me a system.

Row 1 has the Jetpacks always under chestplate slot, rest of top row is clothes, but the right top corner is my primary storage chest / safe.
Row 2 has the important items (portals, ownership signs, etc)
Row 3 has the tools
Row 4 and 5 are anything else
Row 6 is food, coffee, cups, then anything else
Row 7 is coins

I don’t keep it 100% organized like that, but it’s the base structure of how my inventory is


I am messy they go in randomly they stay random unless im building then by block type i try to keep stuff close but normally idc


I am messy too but i can’t stay messy for long time cause i feel weird or something (idrk) I just can’t keep waste stuff in my inventory. I throw unwanted stuff like dirt, etc. if I don’t need. I also organize them in different safes of different colours. I make a storage area and i keep signs in front of each safe naming what it contains. Also i put most needed/important stuff on top of my inventory. I currently don’t have any pics cause i am not playing a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


My inventory is similar to most, with the exception that I never put a basket in the seventh slot. The reason is that I keep baskets for food and benches within other baskets, and I need that slot to open them up in.


First row, tools:

  • pickaxe
  • axe
  • spade
  • machete

Second row:

  • jetpack/coat
  • fuel
  • used coffee cups/coffee cherries
  • coffee/coffee cherries

(When I put on jetpack, coat comes off and goes in the spot. When I put on coat, jetpack comes off and goes in the spot)

Third row:

  • empty/portal chest
  • empty/portal
  • food/trade portal
  • 6-15 safes/chests

I keep the rest empty for if I’m terraforming or building, and only use it temporarily. I keep everything else in the safes/chests.


My inventory is organized randomly. I usually try to keep important things separated from any chests or safes just in case they turn my basket into an unknown. I also don’t keep chests and safes in the same basket.


When it comes to chests and safes, I use one or the other. I prefer safes if on a multiplayer server. If on single player or haven’t built up to getting safes, I’ll use chests.


Row 1: (basket) portal, trade portal, protection sign, jetpack.
Row 2: axe, bow and arrow, pickaxe, shovel.
Row 3: safe, golden chest, chest, another basket.
Row 4: rainbow cake, pizza, bread, coffee.
Row 5: blocks that you use, in alphabetical order.
Row 6: doors, downlights, signs, uplights.
Row 7: nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
(I usually use this for coffee cups, and stuff ppl have dropped. Then i chuck it in a trash chute, or put it in a chest.)

This system works for me.


I have a tool in each basket, in the first slot, and in a fixed order. I find it quicker to switch between tools and easier to do so that way.