How do you rank up Trust Level



This is short but I was wondering how do you gain your trust level to a higher one? I want to look trusted so I can help more people looking higher respected, just wanting to help everyone and feel embarrassed asking a question myself right now…

@Bibliophile you typically edited nothing why did you come onto edit this? :joy:


I was also wondering about this.


I was also wondering how do you get the custom ones as well!


It’s about some required amount of likes and posts I think. Someone should have the exact statistics.


I found the post it’s fine I just need to log in a few more days and I have it, I haven’t had much activity but I’m active and now I will be now I know about Trust Level and my want to help out others here! I’m an elder to some people here.


Well, you can get a custom title by being a beta tester, as far as I know.


I’ve seen that it’s just pretty confusing as barely any information about the ranks is shown.


Hope it helps :slight_smile:

As for becoming a beta tester, there are no specific requirements; just build up a good reputation, follow the rules and be active.


Thanks it really helped, maybe if we bring Penguins you could be the Penguin Curator. :joy:


Here is a link to a post Milla wrote about becoming a Beta tester. There are some basic prerequisites. Hope this clears things up.


I’m an IOS user so I think it’s easier for me wouldn’t it be? More people use Android to play Blockheads.


Incorrect. iOS players are in the majority, by quite a margin.