How do you transfer ownership of a server?

So I have a mac server using the latest 1.7 version of BlockheadsServer and I want to transfer ownership to my mobile device to access the owner portal. I have tried the /set-owner <NAME> command but it doesn’t work. I tried typing:
/set-owner <SON>
/set-owner SON
but it didn’t work.
(Player name and blockhead name is SON and SON is an admin)
Please help me!

@Wingysam knows about resetting ownership on Mac servers he might be able to help

Ok. I will ask him. Thank you! Um. How will I ask him? I just started with this today at this hour so I really don’t know how to ask him.

Read a couple topics to gain a trust level then you’ll be able to send him a message

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Thank you! I will read topics until I get a better trust level.

Unfortunately there is no owner portal for Mac servers, you’ll have to use the blockheads server app on your computer. Also, there is no player who is the “owner,” so the best you can do is /admin yourself.

But I read in a post that you can make someone an owner on a Mac server. I can’t send the link because I’m too new but I read it. The name was Setting the owner on a Mac Server by @Bibliophile

Yeah, unfortunately all that does is give them a yellow name and it goes away when you restart the server. If you want an owner portal, I can import your world to my system, but the Mac app does not come with one.

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Which one do you have? The version you can install from the Mac App Store or the one you can download from the internet?

The one from the Mac app store.

Can I get my Mac server imported

I am saying it doesn’t even give me the yellow name!

The yellow name is only a thing on cloud servers

But just look at Setting the owner on a Mac server!

What Wingy is saying is that the yellow name is merely cosmetic. I don’t know why Biblio’s instructions don’t work for you, but it doesn’t seem like a necessary thing.

I know you can set owner on there because I have one but you just have a blue name instead of yellow like on cloud servers

Aw man. I’ll just delete this post then…

Wait you can change owners without mills from the portal? I have multiple portals I have access too from the years and I wouldn’t mind changing them all, how do I do this?

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Only milla can change the owner. In the post you were replying to, I was talking about worlds hosted on a player’s mac computer instead of the cloud servers that the developer uses. The mac worlds don’t have owners, so there is nobody to transfer it to.

Ah thanks