How do you upload videos onto the meta

Title says it all, how DO you upload videos?

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You can paste the link in and it will appear

For example:


You have to upload them to something like Google Drive or YouTube and then paste the link here, there’s no way to directly upload videos.


I have google dive, I’ll try it. But it is not from youtube tho

Note: It is better to use YouTube than Google Drive. If you use Drive you have the potential problem of Google restricting access to the file if it is downloaded too many times.


So if the video in question is already on YouTube, you’re set to go?


Yep. Just copy the link and paste it here.


No, I can’t get it on YouTube I don’t have an acc. Also, can any of you (sorry if a bit much) explain about the steps from google drive? I will really appreciate it. Thanks.

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If you have a Google account you pretty much have a YT account.

Expert on this subject
((because I don’t want to have a youtube account, yet want to make videos :man_shrugging:))

  1. Upload the image
    Upload button >> Drive/More then Drive >> Enter details

  2. Go into drive and click view on the video
    If you just uploaded the video this will take a while
    Current Video Uploading

A completed one

Then click the three dots, then share

  1. Change the share settings to Anyone with the link can view, then copy the link

  2. Paste into forums, and you’re done!

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