How does electricity work?


So on my world I’ve been doing well, and I want to master all the crafting things. So, how does electricity work and how do I use it?

Electricity vs. normal workbenches

you have a lvl 2 workbench i presume, upgrade it to level three first with five steel ingots

then all the benches after that are electric items, craft all of those
you will need a level two metalwork bench too, to craft copper wires and ingot blocks

copper blocks, copper wires, and iron blocks are currently the only blocks that will conduct electricity, in 1.5 you can put copper wires on all blocks so they go through them, unless theyre ore blocks. you need a steam generator and an electric bench, preferably the furnace first, as youll need it for making solar panels. then put a copper wire between the two, and then start working at the bench.

the electric furnace can craft pig iron and silicon ingots and silicon crystals, and another bench can craft silicon wafers, which are used for solar panels. they need to have a light source, the stronger, the more energy they produce

steam generators need fuel to run, flywheels store energy. there are bars on the side of each of these items when placed that show how full they are for energy/fuel


Electricity is very simple in the Blockheads, thankfully! Almost too simple…

The things that are boxed in red make energy to use. The steam generator gets energy by burning stuff, and the solar panels are self explanatory…

The things that are boxed in blue store energy. Flywheels are used to do this, and the more flywheels you have, the more energy you can store!

The things that are boxed in green are the electric benches. They are obviously used to craft stuff faster.

All of this of course is connected by copper wire! If you want to be a tiny bit more advanced, you may use copper or iron blocks to act as copper wire as you can see in my house :slight_smile:


Thanks Buddy & Manticor.

I think this thread will be really helpful for newcomers, so I’m going to sticky it for a while. Let hear everybody’s Electricity Hints and Tips, and hopefully turn it into a really good Electricity Tutorial for Hints & Tips.


May I ask, what is the point of electricity?


To power benches. The benches craft twice as fast and make more efficient use of fuel. They also allow you to craft some new items, like coffee.


Don’t forget about the craftable food dishes on the stove :stuck_out_tongue:


actually, ive noticed that when crafting 100 gold coins on the furnace vs the electric furnace, the furnace costs 60 tc for the rush cost and the electric furnace costs 80 tc…


It crafts twice as fast. Never said anything about the rush cost.


Solar panels collect energy fastest when they’re outside with no backwall over them

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Wires, copper and iron blocks, solar panels, flywheels and steam generators all conduct electricity, but electric benches don’t. This can be used to hook up to a public power grid but still have your own private stash of electricity;
Just connect the benches to the wiring, and place the power storage/generators on the other side.


Solar panels will make energy if there is a block above them assuming they aren’t placed on its backwall.


I think copper and iron block backwall does conduct electricity too.


Solar panels also can work very well with windows above them (if placed inside).


The whole point of electricity is:

  1. To (sometimes) craft stuff faster.
  2. To use a lot less fuel (or even none at all if using solar panels)
  3. To be awesome. I mean, an electric stove in a land full of dodos?

Electricity is really easy to use. Here are some suggestions.
(I would post a picture, but you can’t on iphone.)
Setup 1 - Most resource efficient:
Make a chest and put every electric item in it. Then, when you want to use something electric, slap down a steam generator and put the bench next to it. The bench should now be powered.
Setup 2 - Most fuel efficient:
Set up some solar panels. Run copper wire from them to a lot of flywheels. Run wire (from the flywheels) indoors, then place down all the electric benches, and hook them all up.


I’m so glad this is stickied. I needed help with this earlier and probably some newcomers were needing this too. Thanks BHBean!


Ok, so I don’t want to just make every electric workbench at once, so, which one should I make first, second, third etc.?


Electricity goes through copper blocks and wire. They also go through steel blocks as of the recent update.


Well, if you get an electric stove, you can cook cool stuff. (Dodo stew, fish curry, and coffee!) Then again, if you get an electric furnace, you can get pig iron and solar panels, items that you can only get from an electric furnace. Either way, those are the two that I started with, and I don’t regret it.


all ingot blocks conduct with the new update…