How does electricity work?


quick question, will water detach any wiring? I know it doesn’t detach benches.


Yes. Just like it washes away ladders, it will wash away wire.


thanks helpful


Does gold blocks conduct electricity?


Even gold blocks?


I don’t think so.


They do. I’ve tested it before.


Ok then.


Is there a distance limit? Like, how far away from the flywheel can i place my solar panels? How long can i make my wiring? Will electricity diminish over distance?

Edit: Does height affect power generation for solar panels?


There is now a distance limit. I think it’s somewhere around 30 blocks of metal/wire. That’s how far you can have between a source and a consumer. So a solar panel could be 30 blocks from a flywheel. The flywheel could be another 30 blocks from benches. I don’t believe it diminishes over the distance or that height affects solar panels.


I recently have been doing some experimenting with electricity. I was hoping that I could connect Flywheel to Flywheel over great distances by having one charge the other. Unfortunately, I can confirm that this does not work that way. Jem’s post above is basically correct. You can charge a Flywheel 30 or so blocks away from a Solar Panel (or Steam Gen), and you can get another 30 blocks or so from that Flyweel to the power output - but that’s pretty much it.

The Grand Imperial Palace at 3200 TC from Spawn on my world, SGE, has 2 enourmous Solar Arrays - beautifully designed by Vladmirangel. However - very little of the potential electrical output is actually utilized by any benches, simply because it cannot reach.

It kind of reminds me of DC vs AC. Alternating Current can travel over long distances, but Direct Current can only flow for a few blocks (if I recall correctly). So, looks like while AC won out in real life - DC won out in Blockheads. :stuck_out_tongue:


it maybe a techinical limit of the engine itself and how the world is blocked out or limited to reduce lag. i also wish to have a larger system but i doubt it is going to happen.


Technically, DC can travel long distances, but it requires far more intermediaries than AC does. Have you tried Large Source->Flywheel->Small Source->Flywheel->Bench? And if so, do you get a Large Source or Small Source level of power?


A brief explanation on electricity:
Once you have access to electric furnaces and stuff, you will need copper wire. Craft those at a metalwork bench.
Make a flywheel. Craft that a a workbench lvl4. Then either make a steam generator or millions of solar panels (ok, well, not millions, just a few so you get good electricity). Connect all electrical appliances with copper wire OR use metallic blocks as they can make electricity travel through them as well. Fill up the flywheel with electricity and bam you can use electric stuffs. I didn’t list crafting because this is meant to be brief.


I tested it and the electricity got 88 blocks


I’ll try this when I get a chance. My hypothesis is that if the distance is fairly long, the bench will only receive power from the Flywheel, which in turn will only receive power from the small source. The large source will never reach. (In my estimation) We can see what happens in actual testing.


I recently noticed that Bronze does NOT conduct. I of course, noticed this after I had built my ENTIRE house out of it! :lol:


LOL - you’re not the first this has happened to. I think Cactus Jack was a victim of the Bronze Non-Conductivity on SGE a long time ago.


Ah yes, the great bronze city. That didn’t conduct a single blue blip of electricity. That was a day I’d like to forget. Lots of angry beating of metal blocks with pointy sticks.


I have a question about energy. I was playing on my blockheads world and I wanted to start up my refinery. It said I need energy so I connected it to my steam generator with copper wire. I tried again to make something in it but it said No energy do I have to use another energy source or a different way of getting energy to the item? Plz help me D: