How does electricity work?


A picture would help. From what I know, that sounds about right, but there might be something wrong that we can’t see. Also, the wire connects to the refinery from the bottom, left, and right. It won’t give energy to the refinery if it’s connecting to the top.


Also, did you fuel your generator? (Although I think the come fully fueled when made)


Ok i hooked up everything with copper wires, but, how does the electricity flows on the wires and on flyweels


The electricity only goes on that first flyweel and then it goes on the other ones idk how…


Flywheels,solar pannels and stem gen do have a ajacent system
So if u put em next to each other they can make and store power


You don’t need to do that it can be like this
F=Flywheel w=wire b=bench _=air


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Thanks a lot! I solved the problem of making energy and also storing them, but i couldn’t imagine what is the electrycity is good for. I tough ist good to spin the wheel on the flywheel and i didnt know what else it does. So thx


they are used for powering benches from workbench lvl 4 from the steam generator to the refinery , they can be used to make the jetpack’s components ,food items and items you have already.


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So I came up with something that might help new comers with building electric benches… that’s assuming they have made all the other normal benches.

So I think it’s better to get the steam generator first. Obvious right?

Then electric metal work and electric kiln. Get the materials faster.

Then electric press and sluice, make use of all that stone you don’t want.

Next should be the electric stove.

You can choose when you want add flywheels and solar panels.

The egg extractor should be one of the last items.

Don’t forget all these things can be connected by copperwire.


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