How does electricity work?


You’re right well at least he/she mentioned on a new electric bench the egg extractor since the bench needs electricity to use for the kind of eggs turn to a block, ores, fuel. Like that.


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first you need to mine for minerals. then turn them to ingots. theen you craft what you can craft outta those stuff to make more stuff.

electricity is simple in the blockheads. copper wire are the stuff that carries electricity from source to appliances. the source could be either from steam generator or solar panels. Steam generator gets its power from fuel(like coal). Solar panels get their energy from the sun,but they cant get more energy as the sun sets.
flywheels are like batteries. while youre not using any appliances,the flywheels are getting energy to store(aka charging).

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Help with electrical circuits

I use the furness for power or souler panels!


Oh I did not know you could use copper and iron blocks wow thanks


Any metallic blocks will work. But this wasn’t always so. In the first release with electricity, (1.4 was it?) ONLY iron and copper blocks would conduct. One of my servers still has a city designed around this with iron block conduits running all over the place from a central power station. All of this was broken, however, when distance was limited to a certain number of blocks from the power source. Now, the great Solaris stands dark and empty. A steel hulk floating in the sky.


Yes, I’m pretty sure it was 1.4.


I still have a habit of building my crafting room out of copper blocks simply because I didn’t like the look of wires everywhere.


Has anyone figured out the travel limit to electricity through wires and through blocks? If not, I will experiment this myself and make a new thread


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I’m sure someone has. I just don’t recall what the limit is. And I think I recall someone saying that the limit could be extended a bit with periodic flywheel placements, but my experiments with this all failed. Flywheels don’t charge other flywheels.


They can’t? Lol. Then the people that have flywheels piled together in a large rectangle, are not utilising the flywheels properly.


Not necessarily. It creates a larger pool of stored energy. Electricity will flow through flywheels. So interior flywheels in a large grid of them will still get charged.


Heres a cool tip: When working with electricity, build out of steel and you won’t have to use copper wire! The electricity goes through the steel to the machinery.