How does joining random servers work?

I want to know how players are put into servers, if the amount of players online, if its “started” (via the owner portal) or anything like that makes a difference along with any other tips to get more traffic on my server.

I don’t think there is any way to get more people in your server. The random option brings you to a random cloud server unless you chose specific settings then it will send you to a server with those settings.

Make sure to have active staff who encourage players to stay on the server.

To elaborate, the Join Random button takes you to a random PUBLIC server that is online and with players online as well if it can find one. If it can’t find one with players, it sends you to one that is merely online, and failing that, I think it will start one that has credit.

So, to attract players using that feature or even ones using the search feature with a space or “A” in the name, be online as much as possible. (and maybe add a space to your name :wink: )

Keeping them there is another matter.

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I’m not sure if it’s just me or it was designed this way, but I’ve noticed the join random world button tries to send me to servers with very few people online. So if there is a server with 10 people online, and one with 2 online, it seems like it has always been more likely to send you to the one with 2 players.

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I think it works by sending you to a server that has 2-7 people currently on it because I have never gotten a number lower or higher by joining a random server. Correct me if i’m wrong.

I’ve joined a server with only the owner online. It’s possible though that someone might have left just as I was joining

If you have 2 devices, a good way to keep traffic to your server is to keep one logged in on an alt. I’ve done this with a few servers that I own until there was an established playerbase. Then those people will keep it active.

Well better turn off power saving mode so your phone won’t turn off

idk why this happens, but i’ll join a server from “join random server” button, leave, press “join random server” again, and end up on the same server. Then my idotic self presses the button again, same thing happens, then after about twelve minuites of pressing the button i’ll join a different server.
meanwhile the bot in the server i was joining is spamming the chat like crazy

Possibly that was the only viable world active at the time. If all but one world running are set to searchable or private, you will only get the one world coming up as random.