How does one have a Successful Server?



Did you like how I put “one”? Hope you did. Anyways, I think this will help people who run servers succeed more because we’re able to bounce off ideas on what we think what makes a server popular, and more. This thread will also help those who have questions about how to run a server “correctly”. I have this question as well (since I’m pretty much failing).


The video was made by @bilingual.


In my opinion the single most important factor is owner presence on the server. If not even the owner shows up most ppl won’t bother to invest their time


although this may not be on topic, sometimes i just wish i could have my first world be funded infinitely because it would really help out.

I think one thing on making a successful server is you need to work hard and go into a theme people will like, then go into a group like rop and hope that your server gets popular, it doesn’t need to be though but popularity is based on if the theme is great and people tell their friends and their friends tell their friends about the world.