How far you have complete in expert mode?


Just wondering how far is everyone in expert mode


Im getting close to level 18, I haven’t really played for that long though.


Level 29 at Skeeve’s Exile before trade portals were allowed. The key to getting there successfully on a crowded multiplayer world are the dodos. Unless you are fortunate enough to explore ahead of the pack!


3 seconds before giving up instantly




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Well you should respect that rule or add extra punticuation or just don’t reply. :slight_smile:

You can reply “Nice.”


Good idea, I did not think of that


Ew, expert mode.


Lol expert mode. Wait, there are levels? Since when?

I upgraded a few benches and stopped playing for now. I might come back to it eventually. Plus you are really alone in expert mode. It’s so sad.


Not if you are on Skeeve’s Exile where players are encouraged to help each other.

Here is a list of benches for Expert Mode and what is required to craft/upgrade them:


I’ve made it to level 29 before. But on Skeeve’s Exile I’m only at around 15. I’m not as diligent as I was the first time. And I just died again.


Death. Deletion. Repeat.
Double Time?


Gave up after 0 seconds.


Awww, you guys should really give it a try. It’s a great challenge for anyone who feels like “they’ve done it all” on Blockheads already. On single player it’s not that difficult because you have no competition for resources. You can also create a custom world with slightly easier settings to help you out like more ore, or no death or whatever. I wrote a guide thread to help anyone who’s interested.


I’m level 11 on Skeeve’s Exile, that’s my go to expert world.


@ElTaPa there is no levels. By levels they mean what level their workbench is.


Yes I have double time.

How long does it take to craft for you when you don’t have double time, 3 min?


Double time helps me a lot, crafting items quicker is useful in expert mode