How far you have complete in expert mode?


Oh yeah!

In that case I’m on level 3 lol. I really haven’t played it much plus there is the complication of having to upgrade other benches


Haven’t tried Expert and I’m kind scared to. I’ll just stick to the classic style if you don’t mind :slight_smile:



Just kidding. I tried and the beginning is pretty hard. And I haven’t played it much. Doing a lot of stuff on single player and helping out other people to have much time playing Expert.

I think I will survive even in the harshes conditions as long as I continue to be lucky.


In single player? Level 9. (Yeah, not great…)
On Skeeve’s Exile, I’m at level 29. That was… not easy. The key is patience, because death and I have become very close acquaintances over that time. :sweat_smile: