How hard would it be to remove freight cars from the game?

People want to play public cloud worlds but lately that’s become impossible.

The person that is destroying the public cloud worlds can do it in under a minute using a well known bug. They go to every public blockheads world and make them unplayable. Then they come back a week later and take out any newly created worlds.

Rollbacks are not a good solution. Locking the world keeps the bad person out but it also keeps out the good people we haven’t met yet.

Remove freight cars code from the blockheads cloud server please. Something quick and dirty to make freight cars useless.

A lot of people still want to play multiplayer but how would you know we exist if we can’t find a world that we can join?


I’m not sure if Dave would ever go that far, especially if it detracts his attention from Sapiens.

Man I wish I thought of this while Beta testing version 1.7.
I am pretty sure that 90% of the Beta testers would also have asked for it to be removed.

Of course, we didn’t know then what we know now.

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They do have a practical use though.

I’ve tried using them practically, I really have - they really don’t add much more than carrying around a wooden chest. Fun maybe to create a line of freight cars behind a locomotive, but they decouple far too often for me. If they didn’t decouple, I would have had trains miles long running to and fro on our worldwide railway on SGE.

Actually - I have a 4X Railway in progress on SP - it’s totally level the whole way, so I’ll test if decoupling occurs less frequently and see what happens.

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Yeah, I do wish that Dave would’ve fixed the decoupling issues.

Trains update :joy:. I want my pet troll to ride in a passenger car

when they ate your stuff…

Now that would be cool! :lol: