How I spend 90% of my time playing blockheads

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Who else wants to punch the screen with a crowbar when they see this? :wink:


Is your device old?

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Blockheads is poorly optimized for new devices and iOS 12+.


I noticed in another world they had a bridge of diamond and the server would disconnect a lot so if you have a older device and have a lot of diamond blocks I recommend removing them

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It seems that it’s poorly optimized in terms of aspect ratio on the 3rd generation iPad Pros.

Light-emitting and animated items, and flowing water, are more of a load on your devices resources than static items.


The reason I say that is cause the server removed it and it barely disconnects at all

Some very clever forums members worked out that there are memory issues with the game. I can’t remember which thread it was in though. Someone else might.

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Player testimony, but no fancy graphs
Some charts by Jemni and KP7

Here you go, this is what I remember. Could’ve sworn it was a group made up of Bibliophile, Skeeve, KP7, and Jemnidad, but I could only find results for Jemni and KP7.

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This thread?


You know when there is a rainstorm outside and you decide to snuggle up in your sheets and play blockheds while drinking hot chocolate? NO! IT’S FRUSTRATING :mad: the rainstorm causes issues, therefore I get a crowbar and violently bash the device until it’s nothing but some ashes that I use for fireplace :slight_smile:

That’s the one. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think I just was called “clever”. :wink:

I KNOW!!! YOURE PLAYING BLOCKHEADS, EATING PIZZA AND TRINNA HAVE A GOOD TIME BUT THEN YOU DISCONNECT!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: JUST WHEN SOMEONE IS GONNA TELL YOU SOMETHING IMPORTANT!!! It makes me so mad that I wanna throw my device really hard at a wall.

Or use a crowbar.
I don’t have a crowbar. Can I buy one from a trade portal? @TheFoil dya know how much it’ll cost? I’m gonna get my blockhead to buy me one so I can smash my device.
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