How is removing the back wall like this possible?

I know you can remove the back wall through two glitches (compost method, and I can’t remember the name of the other method) but those two methods require you to start at the top of the stone layer then go down. How is this possible? Is it another method I’m not aware of or is it hacking? I’m an admin on this server and if I can’t replicate this without hacking then there’s a ban incoming :rofl:

No it is not hacking I’ve seen people do it before I’m not sure. How but I do know it’s possible without hacking

Aj is incorrect. While you used to be able to use compost to remove back wall in a straight line down, this was never possible. Theoretically it could have been dug down using the compost trick in 1.6 and then filled back up, with other blocks in the places where back wall could be removed again… but this requires hacked unmined stone blocks.

It’s far more likely that the user hacked to be able to break back wall anywhere. (Both possible and straightforward to do)

harmless yet somewhat pointless hack, dont know why anyone would do it tbh

I once built a base in a mountain and would’ve loved to remove the backwall to change it, but I have never desired it after then lol

I think aj is correct I’ve done it many times without hacks

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  2. Could this have been done with the /repair command @Bibliophile? (I think that’s what the command is called, if not please correct me)

Nope, the repair command has no effect on stone backwall or natural stone blocks. As the help says when you first type /repair

SERVER: Repair mode is now enabled. Tapping any non-solid tile will now remove any contents within. Tapping a solid block will remove it, unless it is an un-mined block. Disable repair mode by typing /repair again. Use with care!