How lively is this game?

The last time I played this game was at least 5ish years ago and since I made a server about a moth ago the game still seems like it still has lots of player.

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It’s not the Golden Age of blockheads. It’s over— I’ll give you that. Nevertheless, I’d say the game is doing OK. You can still play with people online at any given time, but it’s seen better days. The game is still lovely to enjoy whether it would be through single player or multiplayer.

You will need to see it for yourself. I, for example, do see a huge difference in the game’s popularity.


It’s definitely quiet compared to 5 years ago, and not at all “lively” in comparison; but there are still players to play with, just not so many at once.

The game is waning, as Milla would say. :slight_smile:

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It depends, some blockheads servers are very lively and some aren’t. On more popular servers I still do see a lot of people though.