How long online friends last, (True story.) [part 1]


Me: Oh hi I’m new here!
Moon: Oh, welcome to my server!
Me: Could I help you?
Moon: Mk…
3 hours later…
Moon: Wow End! Thx for all the help, I should admin you!
In fact…
/admin End295
Me: Thx, it’s an honor
A few days later…
Me: Hey I’m taking tonight off, I’m gonna play some terraria.
Night tin (A friend of Moon): sure
Me: Bye!
Night tin: Bye! We will see you tomorrow!
The next day at 22:00…
You are banned from connecting.
Me: What?!
Connects to White’s server (another friend of Moon.)
Hey who banned me on Moon’s server?
White: Oh, some griefers came in and destroyed it. She said some admin told her you were involved
Me: Tell her I did nothing.
White: Ok
Luckily with my charisma, I convinced Moon to unban me.
! Day later…
Me: Why did you make a new server?
Moon: Because it’s rekted, it’s unsavable.
Me: Oh come on Moon! It just needs some elbow grease!
Moon: Nah, it’s not worth it.
Me: I’ll do it then.
Moon: Ok, wait till the credit runs out so you can be the owner, you can keep it Mk?
Me: Ok, thx!
Weeks later… I put elbow grease on that server and made it pretty successful.
Moon: Man I so stressed!
Me: We can help your server if you want.
Moon: Well, we need to make a drop to the…
Me: … underworld for a trash can? Pfft… I got a door trashcan! We are all set!
Moon: … Mk…
We need…
Me: A security system? NP, already made one. All you need is TC.
Moon: Wow… You are good.
Me: IK.
Moon: here I want to give you this. -Gives me a chest-
Me: What is it?
Moon: A TC chest all you do is…
Me: -Gives it back-
Moon: ???
Me: I don’t do that stuff.
Moon: Fine I’ll use it myself.
Me: Anyways what I was saying was…
Connection Failed: You’ve been banned.

To be continued…


Well, that’s kind of sad… but not totally unexpected. Can’t wait for the next story. :thumbsup:


Can’t wait to hear more!


Moon seems a bit…immature at some points


Moon=almost every sever ever


I feel like there are many players who act just like moon… lol.


Yes, sadly that is true @DGPG. That is why you need to really think about where you spend your time and talents. Giving your time is really the biggest gift you can give to anyone in any situation, and giving it to someone that just uses you like that is a real shame. Well, live and learn.
I look forward @enderleader to hearing your next story.


Speaking of which my life became a lot better after I stopped spending my time and talent on playing games ( speaking from a very honest side )


You’ve stopped playing games?! :scream_cat: